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Meet the teams for the Redsip HKTag Challenge: Toy Story, Wayfoong and Bacchus

Our final installment of the Meet the Teams series introduces the final three teams from Group 1:
Toy Story, Wayfoong and Bacchus. Read on to find out more!

Toy Story

Toy Story is a new team formed by a group of rugby lovers who met through the HKTag social sessions! The team name “Toy Story” is inspired by Woody, Valley Premiership rugby union player and the team’s “secret weapon”, who they hope will lead the team to breakthrough victory at the HKTag Challenge.

Although they have known each other a short time, the team is confident that friendship, teamwork and team spirit have set them up to face the challenge. Their motto is “Enjoy the game” and, with everything to play for, will they go to infinity… and beyond?

William Lee (C)
Woody On
James Ng Kai Pong
Bruce Butt
Stanley Yau
Chester Sek
Alison Ling
Cheuk Shui Wa Suki
Erica Ko
Chantal Chan
Grace Tung
Belinda Ma


Wayfoong, sponsored by HSBC, are back for the second year running, bringing together a squad of seasoned rugby union, touch and tag players.

Led by Hong Kong National Women’s XVs star, Adrienne “Rocky” Garvey, this squad have more than enough talent among them to reign victorious at the HKTag Challenge. Their collective experience and love of rugby in all its forms keeps them coming back for more and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them competing again in August at the HKTag Super League!  Back to top

Adrienne Garvey (C)
Hannah Tai
Wendy Sham
Jenson Lee
Clarence Ng
Fadi Amro
Alvin Tsang
Blaire Harden
[Remaining squad TBA]


Bacchus is a returning team and the most elusive of the HKTag Challenge competitors. This team has quietly re-formed for 2018, having first competed three years ago, and brings plenty of promise against the heavyweights in Group 1. A group of tag enthusiasts, the squad is one of our most diverse, with a 47-year gap between the eldest and youngest players!

They may be quiet, but according to rumours on the grapevine, competitors would be wise not to underestimate the Bacchus squad. Will the HKTag Challenge see a Bacchus win(e)? The bets will be pouring in for Sunday!   Back to top

Andrew Tasker (C)
Simon Tasker
Ash Wayburne
James Pilkington
Zac Dickson
Aaron Harris
Sienna Stubbs
Maddie Booth
Dan Gallie

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