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Meet the teams for the Redsip HKTag Challenge: Hashtags, Kingfish and Habitual Barbarians

Next up in the Redsip HKTag Challenge squad announcements, we meet three teams from Group 1:
Hashtags, Kingfish and Habitual Barbarians.


Hashtags is the American International School team, made up of students from grade 8-12, plus one “over the hill” PE teacher. The team played last year’s HKTag Super League, winning the Shield Final, despite most players having learned the game just three weeks prior to that event. 

This youthful team includes two 14 year olds, three Grade 11 sprinters and seven Seniors – most of whom will be leaving HK after the end of the school year.

With speed, agility and youth on their side, will the Hashtags be picking up a trophy once again?

James Elliot (c)
Megan So
Victoria Wong
Geetha Mohan
Jessie Huang
Jordan Fox
Aditya Kamath
Harry Lee
Muiz Asif
Prithvi Surekha
Michael Wong
Stephen Chiu
[Blake Elliot]


Kingfish are a band of rugby lovers, brought together through the Valley rugby union club. The squad have a wealth of rugby capability between them; the men have been playing together at Valley for several seasons and the five ladies have more than 15 years’ collective rugby union experience.

Although a newly formed tag team, they have the charisma, grit and know-how to storm to the finals in this tense HKTag Challenge, which promises a day full of surprises!
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Jonathan Mo (C)
Casper Yiu
Jason Yuan
Timmy Yip
Kelvin Choi
Monir Khan
Jason Li
Jamie Sieto
Kabby Wong
Mary Tsui

Habitual Barbarians 

The Habitual Barbarians formed their team early this year, having been regular tag spectators in the past. Not content with standing on the side-lines, the founding members of the team committed early to this year’s HKTag Challenge and – at time of writing – are still recruiting for last minute sign-ups!

These Sandy Bay rugby players have a range of union, touch and tag experience, and with everything to play for, they are looking forward to getting a first tag tournament under their belts.  Back to top

Chris Garvey (C)
Taylor Coates
Kenzie Coates
Lynda Nazer
David Leung
Hoyin Cheung
Yasmin Fong
[Remaining squad TBA]


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