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Brighten Management

Brighten is a boutique investment firm, specialising in securitisation and investments in, media, cultural, and synergistic technology assets.

Brighten is a proud sponsor of the Hong Kong Tag World Cup 2018 Squad and title sponsor of the 2019 Brighten HKTag Challenge. 

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Amazing Global

Amazing Global is an independent entertainment investment firm that was founded in 2018. We partner with entities around Asia and the United States to help small to medium entertainment firms achieve their production goals and provide aid if necessary. 

Amazing Global is a proud sponsor of the Hong Kong Tag World Cup 2018 squad and 2019 HKTag Challenge.

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Wine Appreciation for Everyone.

Redsip is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Redsip HKRL Nines.

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Aimviva Travel Club was born from a combination of experience; A demand for real travel benefits integrated into a single product. By removing the focus from insurance and focusing instead on a group of holistic benefits Aimviva go well beyond the initial Travel focused product and offer a package that covers a wide range of benefits for your peace of mind.

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Physiotherapy, accessible for all. Sports injuries, office related postural pain, post-operative rehabilitation. We offer tailored training programs suited to your needs. We strive to get to the core of your dysfunction and get you back to being you. 

401 Honest Bldg., 9-11 Leighton cor. Canal Road, Causeway Bay

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Wanchai Stadium

The sportsbar with taste! Wanchai Stadium is the social home of Hong Kong Tag Rugby. It offers food, drink and live games action. 

Shop A3, 72-86 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai

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Copper 88

The innovative new compression clothing range with 88% embedded copper fibre, harnessing the all-natural properties of copper to aid in the relief of pain from muscle stiffness and soreness by transporting oxygen through the bloodstream. 

You can read about how Copper 88 can help injury prevention as well as injury cure here.

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Gweilo Beer

Redefining beer in Hong Kong. Gweilo was founded with a dream: to create fun, fresh and unique beers, brewed in Hong Kong to be enjoyed by everyone in this fine city.


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BrandHK is the leading promotional merchandise supplier in Hong Kong, and the official supplier for all HKRL kit and merchandise


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COMBO Entertainment

COMBO ENTERTAINMENT is an indoor amusement zone (3000 sq-ft) located in Causeway Bay (Opposite to SOGO), Hong Kong, which offers over 10 entertainment experiences. COMBO provides venue space for HKTag referee clinics.

4/F Ying Kong Mansion, 2-6 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay

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Indian Recreation Club

The regular training and events ground of Hong Kong Tag. The IRC is a subscription-based members club promoting multiple sports including Lawn Bowls, Tennis, Badminton, Cricket and Football.

63 Caroline Hill Rd, So Kon Po

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