Do I need to be super fit to play Tag Rugby?

Tag Rugby is for players of varying levels of fitness and can be played at your own pace. Competition matches are 40 minutes long and our Tag for All sessions both have rolling substitutes readily available allowing you to come off the pitch for a rest as many times as you want! It’s a great way to build your fitness, or keep your fitness during the year!

What is the difference between Tag Rugby and Touch Rugby?

There are a number of differences in the rules of Tag and Touch Rugby. The main difference is the tag needs to be removed as opposed to making a touch.The other main difference is the rules related to kicking. Grubber kicks (below shoulder height) are allowed on any play count for Tag Rugby. Come along to our regular sessions to learn more and check out our Rules section for more details.

Do I need any rugby experience to play Tag Rugby?

Tag Rugby is an easy game to learn and be played at varying levels of skill. We regularly have newcomers every week who have never played any form of rugby before or haven’t played in a long time! We aim to teach and integrate new players during the Tag for All sessions so you can enjoy the game and join in the fun as soon as possible.

We also hold a few ‘Beginner Workshops’ throughout the year to help build knowledge of the game so whether you’re completely new or need a refresher course, make sure you look out for these and come along.

Can I play Tag Rugby if I don’t have a team?

Yes, most definitely! Our Tag for All sessions are not team-based so anyone can come down and enjoy some form of Tag Rugby! Just turn up on your own, or with your friend’s and get started right away.

With many competitions throughout the year, you can register yourself as a team with your friends or join an existing team. For each case, make sure you come find us and let us know during one of the regular sessions, so we can help you straight away.

Can I try Tag Rugby before signing up?

HK Tag offers your first session with us for just HKD10. This enables you to come try out for yourself before committing to the game! Find out more about our Tag for All sessions here.