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Meet the teams for the Redsip HKTag Challenge: PoWerCheetahs, PoWerCerveza and Mayer Brown JSM

In the next in our Meet the Teams series, we introduce entries from PoWerCheetahs and PoWerCerveza alongside the squad from Mayer Brown JSM.

PoWerCheetahs and PoWerCerveza

A mix of seasoned and new tag players, either of these squads will be a force to be reckoned with this year. Whether the Cheetahs or Cervezas, the emphasis in this corporate club is social and having fun; wherever the teams finish in the finals, they will be aiming for top spot at the after party! With several weeks of ‘training’ behind them, they will hopefully have picked up some rugby knowledge but at least have a tan to show for it. It will be interesting to see watt game they bring on the day. Either way they plan to power through and charge for first place with some positive energy. Don’t be surprised if you see at least one player, Jeremy, running on energy-saving mode for most of the tournament!


Julia In (C)
Adrian Chan
Anthony Nichola
Charles Cheung
Coco Wong
Jason Li
Edith Ko
Jim Ong
Maggie Wu
Masa Xiao
William Wong


Norman Law (C)
Jeremy Mok
Adrian Lai
Aleks Piskorz
Alexandra Ho
Bond Lo
Calvin Law
Carly Chung
Carolyn Wong
Jacelyn Lee
Rachel Briggs
Vidura Galpoththage


Mayer Brown JSM

This is the second year that Mayer Brown JSM has entered a corporate team for the HKTag Challenge and this year they are as ready as ever to compete for the final! A team built from a mix of experienced rugby players and tag novices, the Mayer Brown JSM squad will be putting their skills to the test in what looks to be closely matched group stages. But who will prevail?

Mayer Brown JSM provides pragmatic and commercial legal advice to Chinese and Asian companies looking to grow locally, regionally and internationally. We also assist clients in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East to invest in Asia. We are particularly well known for our Asset Finance, Bankruptcy, Employment, Dispute Resolution, and Real Estate practices. 

Matthew Chia
Jason Fung
James Lewis
Nicholas Yeung
Kenneth Chan
Thomas Ajose
Jonathan Song
Bernadette Pang
Louise Woo
Rachel Lo
Regina Ng
Danielle Chua


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