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HKTag Challenge Rules at a Glance

The next HKTag Challenge is coming up on Sunday 27 May. Think you know the score? Here we lay out the competition gameplay and rules ahead of this first tournament of the HKTag summer season.

Tournament rules
  • A maximum of seven players on the field-of play, with a maximum squad size of 12.
  • Mixed teams must have a minimum of three girls on the field-of-play at all times.
  • All players must tuck their shorts into their tag shorts. Tag belts are not permitted.
  • Group games are 15 minutes long with no half time. Two points are awarded for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a loss.
  • Semi-final and final games are made up of two 9 minute halves, with a 2 minute half-time break.
  • If the semi-finals or finals are drawn at the end of normal time, teams compete for the Golden Try: the next team to score a try wins. If no try is scored after one minute, a player from each team will drop off every minute until a try is scored. A coin toss determines kick off.
Pitch clarifications
  • Try lines are the sidelines of the pitch.
  • Team subs must wait on the outer sidelines (goal lines of the football pitch).
  • No standing on the halfway line.
  • Ball must not be kicked above the shoulder height of the referee, except at kick off or in the case of a drop out.
  • Diving is permitted only if the player avoids any contact with the defending team. The knees of the ball carrier must not touch the ground before the try line.
  • Swan dives are not permitted under any circumstance.
  • One point for a try. In mixed games, a try by a female player is worth two points.
  • The game is won by the team who score the most points.
  • A try is scored when the ball is grounded on or over the try line.
  • A player cannot pass the ball back after crossing the try line, nor can he/she run back into the field-of-play to pass the ball back to another player.

For the detailed Rulebook and further information on Gameplay, see our Rules section.

Questions? Contact info@hktag.org for any questions or clarifications.

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