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Schedule Release: Redsip HKTag Challenge 2018

Bring your squad, friends and family for this festival of rugby league, kicking off at 9am (order of play below) on Sunday 27 May at King’s Park Sports Ground, Kowloon and finishing with an after party hosted by sponsor Wan Chai Stadium from 7pm.

Following the huge success of the last three years, 12 teams have entered the 2018 tournament and it promises to be bigger and better than ever before! Find out more about each of the teams in our four-part series, starting with part one here.

Order of Play

Games Start* End Pitch 3A Pitch 3B
1 and 2 9:00 9:15 Hashtags Toy Story PoWerCheetahs Tag Buffaloos
3 and 4 9:17 9:32 Wayfoong Kingfish Kam Shan Monkeys PoWerCerveza
5 and 6 9:34 9:49 Habitual Barbarians Bacchus Mayer Brown JSM Wan Chai Warriors
7 and 8 9:51 10:06 Kingfish Hashtags PoWerCerveza PoWerCheetahs
9 and 10 10:08 10:23 Wayfoong Habitual Barbarians Kam Shan Monkeys Mayer Brown JSM
11 and 12 10:25 10:40 Toy Story Bacchus Tag Buffaloos Wan Chai Warriors
13 and 14 10:42 10:57 Habitual Barbarians Kingfish Mayer Brown JSM PoWerCerveza
15 and 16 10:59 11:14 Toy Story Wayfoong Tag Buffaloos Kam Shan Monkeys
17 and 18 11:16 11:31 Hashtags Bacchus PoWerCheetahs Wan Chai Warriors
19 and 20 11:33 11:48 Kingfish Toy Story PoWerCerveza Tag Buffaloos
21 and 22 11:50 12:05 Bacchus Wayfoong Wan Chai Warriors Kam Shan Monkeys
23 and 24 12:07 12:22 Habitual Barbarians Hashtags Mayer Brown JSM PoWerCheetahs
25 and 26 12:24 12:39 Bacchus Kingfish Wan Chai Warriors PoWerCerveza
27 and 28 12:41 12:56 Hashtags Wayfoong PoWerCheetahs Kam Shan Monkeys
29 and 30 12:58 13:13 Habitual Barbarians Toy Story Mayer Brown JSM Tag Buffaloos
Bowl Semi 13:30 13:50 Group A 5th Group B 6th Group A 6th Group B 5th
Plate Semi 13:52 14:12 Group A 4th Group B 3rd Group B 4th Group A 3rd
Cup Semi 14:14 14:34 Group A 2nd Group B 1st Group A 1st Group B 2nd
Finals 14:36 14:56 BOWL FINAL PLATE FINAL

*Schedule of play is estimated. Timings are subject to change.


Brush up on your knowledge of the competition and rules ahead of Sunday’s game with a quick look over the 2018 Information Pack.

And finally, a big thanks to our referees!

James Elliot
Laura Fernández
Daniel Haddock
Monir Khan
Alan Lam
Anthony Hummer Law
Luke Manahan
Jonathan Mo
Simon Wong
Tim Wu
Jason Yip

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