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Prepare for the HKTag Super League 2018!

Saturday 11 August sees the start of Hong Kong’s most eagerly anticipated tag rugby tournament, the 2018 Super League. Last year’s winners – Tag Buffaloos – will be back and raring to go after narrowly missing the finals at the HKTag Challenge title earlier this year.

HKTag Super League runs consecutively across three weekends, in a series of pooled matches, culminating in the deciders on Saturday 25 August. All teams will play at least once on every match-day Saturday.

The tournament features eight teams, each with a squad size of 15 people. Stay tuned to find out more about each of our teams and get ready for the pool draw end of July!

  • Tag Buffaloos
  • Wan Chai Warriors
  • Kam Shan Monkeys
  • Toy Story
  • Hashtags
  • Wayfoong
  • Macquarie
  • Wolf Pack

Schedule of play

Date Kick-off Pitch A1 Pitch A2
11 August 19.30 Team 1 (Pool A) Team 2 (Pool A) Team 3 (Pool A) Team 4 (Pool A)
19.55 Team 1 (Pool B) Team 2 (Pool B) Team 3 (Pool B) Team 4 (Pool B)
20.20 Team 2 (Pool A) Team 3 (Pool A) Team 1 (Pool A) Team 4 (Pool A)
18 August 19.30 Team 2 (Pool B) Team 3 (Pool B) Team 1 (Pool B) Team 4 (Pool B)
19.55 Team 1 (Pool A) Team 3 (Pool A) Team 2 (Pool A) Team 4 (Pool A)
20.20 Team 1 (Pool B) Team 3 (Pool B) Team 2 (Pool B) Team 4 (Pool B)
25 August

Finals Day


Tournament rules

  • Games last 20 minutes (10 minute halves) with a 2 minute half time
  • Seven-a-side with a minimum of three female players on the field-of-play at all times.
  • All players must tuck their shirts into their tag shorts. Tag belts are not permitted.


  • One point for a try by a male player, two points for a try by a female player.
  • A try is scored when the ball is grounded on or over the try line.
  • A player cannot pass the ball back after crossing the try line, nor can he/she run back into the field-of-play to pass the ball back to another player.
  • The game is won by the team who score the most points.

For the detailed Rulebook and further information on Gameplay, see our Rules section.

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