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Copper 88 HKTag Super League reaches halfway stage

We have reached the halfway stage of the Copper 88 HKTag Summer League, Hong Kong’s domestic tag competition, and we have enjoyed eight exciting games. All eight teams have worked incredibly hard and produced very competitive games.

Three teams have broken through the stages of the competition undefeated: Tag Buffaloos, Gai Wu and Valley. The Buffaloos are one of the most experienced teams in Hong Kong, having played regularly in socials and competitions in the past two years, whilst Gai Wu and Valley are teams constituted by players who have played different versions of rugby together for a long time and have successfully adapted to tag rules and playing style.

“For us the fact that eight teams and more than 150 players have shown interest in the competition is a huge victory, and what is more important is that two of those teams are fully made up of beginners who have come to our social sessions and share our love for this sport”  Neville Metcalfe, Chairman of HKTag said.

The results table looks like this so far, and we can’t wait to see what happens this weekend. Come over to support your team battle in the Copper 88 HKTag Super League. Saturday 12 of August,  King’s Park, 19:30 – 21:00.

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