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Festive Fundraiser!

Join our Christmas fundraiser for a chance to win some fantastic prizes ahead of the festive season. The prize draw will take place on 12 December.

Check out what you could win!
1. Crate of Moon Dog Love Tap Lager 330ml bottles (24 bottles)
2. Crate of Moon Dog Old Mate Pale Ale 330ml bottles (24 bottles)
3. Crate of Sonoma Cider The Hatchet Apple Cider 355ml bottles (24 bottles)
4. Crate of Sonoma Cider The Pitchfork Pear Cider 355ml bottles (24 bottles)
5. Crate of Sonoma Cider The Washboard Sarsaparilla Vanilla Cider 355ml bottles (24 bottles)
6. Crate of Sonoma Cider The Anvil Bourbon Cider 355ml bottles (24 bottles)
7. Polarised Serengeti sunglasses
8. 4 pack of HKRL stubby holders
9. 4 pack of HKRL stubby holders
10. House of Cards gift set

To enter all you need to do is send a message to info@hktag.org with your name and contact details and we’ll arrange the rest directly. Payment can be made by online or mobile FPS, or in person. Tickets are HKD $50 for one or HKD $100 for a pack of three!

Special thanks to our friends in Melbourne, Moon Dog Craft Brewery, and Owlsome Bottles for their support.

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