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Clean sweep by Wayfoong and Hashtags sets up thrilling quarter finals

After another week of gripping matches at the HKTag Super League, the pool winners have been decided and the quarter finals draw is announced.

AIS Hashtags saw yet another win in Pool A to take a decisive lead and will play Mac n Tries in the first quarter finals of next week. Megan So stole the show with three tries in the first half, giving the
AIS Hashtags a six-point lead, which ultimately left Wan Chai Warriors unable to respond, despite scoring more tries overall.

In Pool B, Wayfoong (HSBC) beat Mac n Tries (Macquarie) and Toy Story, setting them up for the second quarter final next week, against Wolfpack.

Saturday 25 August – Schedule of play

Pitch A1 Pitch A2
Saturday 25 August Hashtags QF1 Mac n Tries Tag Buffaloos QF2 Kam Shan Monkeys
Wanchai Warriors QF3 Toy Story Wolf Pack QF4 Wayfoong
QF1 winner QF3 winner QF2 winner QF4 winner
SF1 winner SF2 winner SF3 winner SF4 winner


Each quarter and semi final will last 15 mins with a 2 min half time break. The Grand Final will be 30 minutes in total with three minutes for half time.

After six rounds across August, Hong Kong has seen some epic tag rugby at the HKTag Super League, its biggest domestic tournament of the year. Next week’s finals will be the ultimate test, and there really is very little in it between the top teams.

Given such high standards of play, it isĀ of little surprise that many Super League players have got the call up for the Tag World Cup in November.

Game by game

See the final scores of Saturday’s matches below.

Pitch A1 Pitch A2
Saturday 18 August Wayfoong 8-0 Mac n Tries Kam Shan Monkeys 2-7 Toy Story
Tag Buffaloos 7-0 Wolf Pack Wanchai Warriors 5-7 Hashtags
Kam Shan Monkeys 6-1 Mac n Tries Wayfoong 5-3 Toy Story


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