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Tag Buffaloos returns to the HKTag Challenge 2017!

Last years ICGX Tag Super League runner’s up returns to this year’s HKTag Challenge on April 22nd, King’s Park. This year’s squad has plenty of new faces as they look to carry over their impressive form last year, where they went unbeaten in the regular domestic comp only to be beaten in the final by the Taguila Bombs. They will be ably led by Laura Fernández, one of two surviving members of last year’s squad, and co-captain and HKTag Gazelle Damien Vatin, who makes the switch from ICG this year.

“I’m very excited by the squad we have this year and I’m particularly proud of the fact that half our team are females. We’ve got some really exciting players, as well a few guys coming over from the UK who will bring plenty of experience with them. Even though we’ve got plenty of new additions, I’m sure we can build on the good work we did last year and have a great time along the way.”

HKTag Challenge 2017 will be taking place at King’s Park, April 22nd. Players, volunteers or sponsors interested in participating are welcome to message us directly on Facebook or email us at info@hktag.org

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